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Unicity's History: Discover how one idea turned into a thriving global community

What has to happen to take one ambitious idea and turn it into a thriving global organization?

For over 30 years, Unicity has been striving to make life better for millions of people by creating innovative products and bold plans to share the products with people around the world.

Unicity has grown into a thriving global community of capable leaders and ambitious entrepreneurs.

Unicity’s goal is to turn the latest scientific discoveries into innovative new products to help others achieve new levels of health and financial wellness.

.04: What does it take to become a thriving global organization?
.12: It begins with small breakthroughs.
.17: Unicity began with a single ground-breaking product.
.24: From humble beginnings, Unicity grew into a thriving global community.
.38: Over 400 products available in more than 60 countries.
.45: More than 750 employees continue the work for independent business owners and customers.
.58: What’s next?
1:00: Become a part of Unicity’s story.

So what’s next? It’s time to become part of Unicity’s story. Let’s write the next chapter together.

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Unicity’s Science-Based Products to Help Combat Nutrient Deficiency

Are you concerned that your diet isn’t providing you with all the nutrients it needs?

You should be.

Modernization and agricultural advancement have made our lives better in many ways. With those advancements came an unexpected negative aspect.

Food is being stripped of its nutritional value.

Eating fruits and vegetables just isn’t enough anymore, as food scientists have added sugars and starches to fruits and vegetables, to make them taste better.

Dr. Ben Bikam explains why we need to add vitamins and supplements to a balanced diet and how Unicity is playing a role in supplementing what the environment takes away.

:10 Modernization and agricultural advancements effects on fruits and vegetables.
:35 Highly processed sugars and fats are replacing essential nutrients.
:40 Is the obvious solution to eat more fresh produce?
:59 The produce at the supermarket is inching closer to becoming just like candy. It doesn’t nourish us like it should.
1:14 Food scientists are constantly working to make foods taste better.
1:25 Sugars and starches have increased in our fruits and vegetables.
1:45 Modern farming methods and mineral deficiencies.
3:01 Our environment is also working against us.
3:20 Modern pollutants find their way into our diets.
4:03 Atmospheric elements influence the foods we eat.
4:36 Thankfully, there’s a solution
4:42 Unicity is creating science-based products to help people achieve better metabolic health.

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The Unicity Story: How the Past, Present, and Future Combine to Transform Lives

Unicity is committed to take on the difficult challenge to combat today’s most prevalent health concerns by creating products and providing education that improve the health and quality of life for people everywhere. Unicity is a leader in health and wellness and proven nutritional solutions and education for metabolic health.

We are a company with decades of stability and a solid reputation for professionalism and competence.

Unicity is a company that loves and trusts its independent business owners.

Unicity focuses on both physical health and personal development. We strive to build confidence, and create respect, and physical and financial freedom for our independent business owners.

Unicity’s proven products and structured business opportunity have helped thousands of people around the world Make Life Better.

It’s time for you to be a part of the Unicity story.

:37 The power of the Unicity story to transform lives
:47 Unicity started more than 30 years ago with a single product
1:06 Unicity grew internationally
1:23 The Unicity story continues today
1:30 More than 400 products
1:37 More than 750 employees working in 30 offices to support business across 60 countries around the world
1:48 A thriving network of entrepreneurs and independent business owners
2:07 It’s just the beginning
2:48 We’re writing the next chapter together
3:10 News reports on health concerns
3:24 What part will you play in the next chapter of the Unicity story?

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